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Missoula Supper Club



Supper Club is a gathering of friends both old and new for great conversation over a good meal. Real, honest connection is at the heart of these dinners -but we realize it isn't going to happen by itself. We create an environment where meaningful moments can naturally unfold by putting thoughtful intention toward three vital aspects of the event:


Focused conversation. Each dinner is "themed" around a central question or topic. During the meal, guests are asked to share their individual perspectives and thoughts on the subject at hand.   

​A cultivated group. Every group is intentionally capped at 6-8 people, ensuring enough time for everyone to share. The guests are purposefully chosen to create a lively mix of personalities, life experiences, and genders.

Collaborative contribution. We, the hosts, provide the main course. Guests are asked to bring a dish that contributes to a full menu, so everyone has a hand in the finished meal. 

"What a refreshing change of pace from how social gatherings typically operate. The facilitated conversation led to deeper connection and new ideas that continue to unfold for me."   - Doug D.
"Being new to Missoula, community is not always easy to find in any deep or intimate way. I absolutely loved this- meeting everyone and feeling a part of something. I would LOVE the chance to participate again!"   - Leah F.
"This was such a wonderful experience and something I needed more than I realized. I cannot wait to attend another."   - Ashley M.
"This is a fantastic way to shift perspectives while instilling community and ceremony - something we've been lacking in our society. It's a completely safe space where bringing your authentic self is not only encouraged but celebrated."   - Pat L.

Join Us!

Hop on our guest list for upcoming Supper Club gatherings (we promise we won't spam the sh*t out of you).



Is this a membership-based thing? Not at all. We simply keep a running list of folks who are interested and cycle through as we're able. You can add or remove yourself from that list at any time - just let us know.

Are kids welcome? We find that the best environment is created when we keep distractions to a minimum. And this is a great opportunity for parents to get a break and engage with adults! That said, our kids are around (since we host this in our home)... so feel free to reach out if you want to negotiate.

Can my partner get an invite? Totally. Althoooough, many of our coupled friends have found this to be a growing experience to enjoy separately. If you'd like your partner to come, too, please:

  1. Sign them up on our waitlist (we reserve seats on an individual basis, so we need an email for each of you) 

  2. Email us to know you'd like to come as a team - we'll make note!

What if I have dietary restrictions? Please let us know so we can support you with our menu.

Do I HAVE to share something with the group? We know - public speaking can be pretty daunting, even in front of a small group. We realize this might not be your thing... but it's essential to the connection we aim to nurture. This event provides an opportunity to push yourself a bit beyond your comfort zone. You truly do get out what you put in. If you want to "workshop" your thoughts before sharing publicly, reach out - we can help!

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