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About Us

The Supper Club Story

We're your hosts - Nick, Lauren, Joey, and June Gonzalez. For over 10 years, we've called Missoula home, and we love the special community we've built here. Since establishing ourselves in this mountainous paradise, we've enjoyed hosting large backyard and holiday gatherings for all of our friends. In fact, our annual Friendsgiving and Christmas Cultivation celebrations are some of our family's favorite and most-anticipated events. 

In late 2023, we began to notice a theme emerging from our conversations with friends and acquaintances. So many of us are hungry for real, authentic community connection, but there are so few places dedicated to making these moments happen. We wondered: can we create a space where this is possible - even enjoyable?


We've discovered the answer to that question is an enthusiastic YES. In January of 2024, we hosted our first Supper Club dinner with six of our close friends. The experience was phenomenal (dare we say transformative?) for all involved, so we expanded our circle to include more people. We decided to host two gatherings each month, allowing 12 total guests to explore the possibilities with us. Even though the format of these dinners is new for some, we continue to be astounded by the level of courageous sharing and enduring connection that results from each gathering. 

We hope you'll join us for an upcoming dinner to discover the magic for yourself. 

Join Us!

Hop on the list for an upcoming dinner invite and get event updates - we promise we won't spam you.

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