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Supper Club Etiquette

Our main goal is to create an environment where folks feel comfortable to share personal stories, support one another, and even disagree amicably.


To help maintain the right atmosphere, we ask that each guest be prepared to follow the guidelines below.

House Rules

  1.  Be on time. 

A prompt start to the evening ensures that every guest has ample opportunity to share. When someone arrives late, it interrupts the flow of the event and distracts attention from whomever is speaking. Please show respect for each other and this gathering by being on time.

   2.  Say no to cell phones.

Technology soaks up our attention all day long. For this brief window of time, we ask that you surrender your device to promote a focused connection with your fellow humans.  

   3.  Contribute to the table. 

We currently use the evite app to manage important event details like potluck items. Please sign up at your earliest convenience so that we can coordinate the meal. We also ask that you follow through on bringing the item assigned to you - contributing to the community table is a vital part of your participation.

   4.  Be prepared to share. 

We know it can be daunting to speak in front of strangers, especially when you're sharing potentially vulnerable parts of your life story. But bearing witness to each other's stories and practicing the art of telling our own is foundational to this event. You don't have to divulge anything too personal, but we believe you'll be amazed at the outcome when you push the boundaries of your comfort zone just a little bit. (Want help workshopping what you plan to share? Email us - we can help).

   5.  Hold a respectful space.

Sharing from the heart or expressing an opposing perspective is a scary thing. At this dinner, we honor one another by listening well - no cell phone scrolling, side conversations, or interrupting. Then, we support each other's shared experience by asking thoughtful follow-up questions or offering a word of encouragement. Afterward, we hold the trust of other guests by keeping confidential the specifics of what is shared.


Email us - we'd love to help!

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